What Type of Bathtub Do You Need?


Consider ALL The Options

bronze designer tub Lots of people can't decide on what type of tub they want, until they have already started the bathroom remodel. Why? Because they like to get a 'true' feel for the new space with the new dimensions and such. The types of bathtubs you have to choose from are:
  • Clawfoot Tubs
  • Corner Tubs
  • Recessed Tubs
  • Drop-In Tubs
  • Jetted Tubs
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Designer Tubs
Is that enough to look at and consider? You will notice that jetted tubs has their own category, but you can find many corner, drop-in and other types with jets. The designer tubs will cost much more because they can be made of materials like marble. Most likely you won't find this in the home improvement store and will have to do some research if a designer is the choice you like.

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