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Girl using corner dumbwaiter

Cynergy Lifts carries standard and custom residential lifts and completes their line with commercial dumbwaiter lifts that are built for the life of the building. Our manufacturers have been building  dumbwaiters for 35 years.  If you have been looking for a solution to the treacherous journey up stairs with groceries? We have it! Our lifts will make trips from the garage, basement or lower to upper floor with any items as easy as pushing a button.

One of the most common issues with ascending ladders or stairs while carrying things, is losing your balance and causing an accident. The dumbwaiter lift provides an affordable and safe alternative to getting your things to the upper level. In addition to the safety and affordability factors, the dumbwaiter will also increase the home’s value. If looking at a commercial lift, just imagine the decreased injuries and accidents while still increasing the yield.

We didn’t forget the multi-level buildings either, there are lifts that will be efficient for office buildings, restaurants or even hotels. As our patented designs are unique, we offer pre-assembled drive and prewired systems, which are all factory aligned before they leave the facility. Do you think that your measurements won’t fit our pre-built units? Just for these cases, we will build a custom unit specific to your desires. Each of our units with commercial settings come with fire rated doors. The lift’s interior surfaces are lined with a food grade 304 stainless steel shelf slides, 304 annealed stainless steel sheet and 316 stainless steel hardware. The exterior doors have been fire rated for 90 min. In order to maintain quiet operation, all rollers are durable nylon which also helps the unit last longer.

Have questions about adding a dumbwaiter lift to your residence? Please call us to discuss all advantages and to get your questions answered!



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