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  • Dear Customer,

    The following questionnaire has been developed to inform you about some of the options available, and to assist us in arriving at an accurate estimate for your lift. Our lifts are sold as do-it-yourself kits. We have installers in certain areas of the country so call if you do not have a builder or handy man to install the unit. Since our units come in kits, they generally take about a day to install depending on the experience of the installer.

    If you have any questions please feel free to call us about your needs. We are here 8:30 am – 5:30 PM CST. (405) 516 2420

  • Dumbwaiter Shafts

    To size the dumbwaiter properly add 4" to the dumbwaiter width and 3" to the dumbwaiter depth or vice/versa if the shaft already exists. So if your shaft way size is 30" w x 30" d, the container size would be 26" w x 27" d. However, this can vary according to the lift desired, check with our engineering department before building to confirm dimensions.

    Most dumbwaiter shafts can be finished with 5/8" sheet rock for a smooth interior which is fireproof.

  • Standard vs. Custom Sizes

    Here are the standard sizes we offer. Custom sizes are generally around 15% more than the standard ones, and we can custom build dumbwaiters up to 80" high.

    All measurements are Width x Depth x Height

  • Here are the standard sizes we offer. Custom sizes are generally around 15% more than the standard ones, and we can custom build dumbwaiters up to 80” high.All measurements are Width x Depth x Height
  • Custom Lift Size

    Note: Over half the lifts we build are custom size lifts, made to fit existing or designed shaft-ways, construction and architecture. Specify desired dimensions below and we will quote your specific needs.

  • Finishes

    We offer 4 finishes

  • Most people prefer Birch for home and many businesses do as well. The Cabinet grade birch is very durable, beautiful, and customizable just like all of our units.

    The Gray Powder coated steel is great for industrial, business, firewood etc; The stainless is not only beautiful, but durable and easy to clean and approved by all institutions, health departments etc;

    The Cabinet Grade Birch with Stainless Liner is a remarkably durable unit for restaurant use, and the stainless liner passes all the tests, at less money than the solid stainless.

  • Doors

    All of our units come with Vinyl Rib Closures that snap to protect the product, and Steel Doors with interlocks that will not allow the unit to be accessed until it comes to a stop on the floor desired. We also offer Steel B’ Rated Fireproof doors accepted by building codes. You can order the unit with or without doors. You can mount our interlock doors inside the framing of the wall, then cover with your own custom cabinetry, or mount our doors on the outside of the wall, your choice. If you choose to use your own Cabinetry, we can supply you with the interlock device which you can mount on your own custom door.

  • We offer Right Hand and Left Hand Hinged Doors as well. Specify the Door Desired:
  • Specify the number of doors you want us to supply (one for each floor stop)
  • Our doors come standard with our Patented Interlocks, if you specified ZERO for the number of doors that you want us to provide, but plan on providing your Own Doors, specify the number of Interlock Kits desired for your own custom doors.
  • We offer Dumbwaiter Lifts that go up to 7 Stories, with a stop on each floor. You can call the lift from any floor. Our patented interlocks are designed to prohibit access on any given floor unless the Dumbwaiter has stopped on that floor.Please specify the number of floors desired
  • Floor Heights

    We need to know floor heights so we can price the appropriate channel track and cable lengths. Please specify from the bottom floor length to the top of the 2nd floor and so on. Note: The mechanical stops are installed and set by your installer on the dumbwaiter rail, therefore this height is adjustable by you.
  • Door Access Points

    It is possible to have as many as three door access points, if you need access on the first floor on the front of the unit, and access on the 2nd floor on the right hand side, etc; specify the number/location of access points below. The more access points, the higher the price...

  • Electric

    All units require a dedicated 110v 4 gain outlet within 6’ of the top of the unit.


    Mount two ¾” of plywood screwed together in the top of the lift shaft. You will mount the lift winch and electrical components to this surface.

    Fill out form to receive a written quote.

  • We stock a limited number of lifts in inventory certain times of the year, generally you can allow 3-6 weeks for a custom or standard lift lead time. All lifts are shipped common carrier. The lift comes as a kit banded to a pallet. Please specify if you need a lift gate to unload the lift.

    Lift assembly kits come banded to a pallet and weigh around 650 lbs. Please specify below if you will have a forklift or loading dock for the lift. It is not a problem if you do not, we will specify a lift gate on the delivery truck that will unload to ground level, there is no additional fee for the lift gate.

  • Fill out form to receive a written quote

  • NOTE: Our lifts have been manufactured for over 35 years, but local codes are different in each area and change from time to time. We will supply you with required information on all of our components upon request. It is the responsibility of the homeowner, contractor, or buyer to check local codes.

  • Mezzanine Lifts

    We also design and custom build Mezzanine lifts. A Mezzanine lift is a free standing lift, generally used in commercial applications, warehouses, and industrial areas. To fill out a form for a quote on a Mezzanine Lift click here.

    Our VersaLift System is ideal in many residential and commercial applications where an open lift can be used for light loads (up to 250 lbs) and bulky items. For more information on the VersaLift system click here.