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Mezzanine Lifts

Mezzanine Lifts

Cynergy Lifts also provides two-story mezzanine lifts, which are electric; they come pre-assembled and have two standard sizes, custom sizes upon request. These are industrial dumbwaiters in an enclosed steel shaftway designed for commercial use.   As you can see, the unit is pre-wired and will come with the outside completely finished.

 Process of a Mezzanine Lift (From factory to customer)

Mezzanine Lift Mezzanine Lift going into factoryMezzanine LiftMezzanine Lift sitting on ground outside warehouseMezzanine LiftMezzanine LiftMezzanine Lift and racksMezzanine Lift with second story racks







Our mezzanine lifts come pre-assembled and are generally designed for two stories. Cynergy Lifts provides two standard electric sizes. We ship these units with the outside entirely finished and pre-wired for your convenience. The electric dumbwaiter elevators and mezzanine & restaurant lifts are provided for restaurants, commercial buildings and warehouses. On the exterior, you will find a finish of grey powder coating with aluminum corners.  Our dumbwaiters are provided in the following sizes: 24x24x24″/30x30x30″ high/  36x36x36″ high.

Commercial Units are always built with Counterweights.  The motors are sized for ultimate productivity.
1/4 H.P. Motor = 22 FPM (Feet Per Minute) with 300 lbs lift load
1/3 H.P. Motor = 17 FPM with 300 lbs lift load.
1/2 and 3/4 H.P. Motor is not necessary or available with Model 24 lifts.
Double Belt Systems are not necessary or available with Model 24 lifts.
Counter Weights are 38 lbs. unless specified otherwise.
Carriers are made of either Cabinet Grade Birch, 16 Gauge Powder Coated Steel, or Stainless Steel.
Carrier Weight for Steel is 50 lbs, Birch 46 lbs, Stainless 48 lbs.
Double Belts include Double Counter Weights
Standard Mezzanine Lifts are 20′ from floor to floor, please specify required measurements for stops upstairs and down.



Weight Capacity For Mezzanine Dumbwaiters

Price Shipping
24X24X24 Standard Height = 12′  Weight 200+ Lbs $18,495.00 Call Call to Order
30X30X30 Standard Height = 12′  Weight 200+ Lbs $19,895.00 Call Call to Order
36x36x36 Standard Height = 12′  Weight 200+ Lbs $ call Call Call to Order
Add Counterweight $150.00
Add S.S. Foil Lining –  less then 24×24 $575.00
Add S.S. Foil Lining – greater then 24×24 $650.00
Add 1/3 HP Motor $325.00
Add 1/2 HP Motor with Double Belts $865.00
Add 3/4 HP Motor with Double Belts(Only available with Model 30 and larger) $1175.00