Are Your Faucets Running?


Running With Ideas Anyways?

Okay, that might be a funny way to bring it up, but it caught your attention huh? We've been covering several things that can go with the a bathroom remodel and they haven't exactly been in order. But, for informational purposes, they will help you along the way. Based on your décor, what kind of faucet are you looking for? Do you want more elegant or something more technical? Elegance looks great, and is very functional in a bathroom. You can find many styles that will match almost ANY décor you will run across. Technical pieces are a bit different. Now, if they are more custom made, then you can have elegance mixed with technical. For intensive purposes, we are not going to address custom additions. The best technical faucet you will find is one that will turn one by a simple touch. Thus when you are getting ready, ladies there won't be makeup anymore and men, no more shaving cream! Which fits your personality best?

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