Pumpkin Ideas Are Here For You!


sculpted pumpkin with zipper mask

Time To Have Fun With Pumpkin!

It's that time of year, Halloween and fall is upon us. What is the most common theme with this time of year? PUMPKINS! So, we though we'd take a second to discuss with you pumpkin ideas. Whether you get getting things out of storage already or just preparing to go to the nearest pumpkin patch. Some just don't realize the possibilities with pumpkins! Originally, it was all about carving them. Making them into just about anything you could carve out with a knife. That is still plenty acceptable. Ever thought of painting the pumpkin? These are great pumpkins because they keep the smell in when they spoil and it's typically less of a mess. What about dressing it up? A newer trend, people are making pumpkins into people quite literally. There has always been the, using a pumpkin head for the scarecrow but this is like a doctor helping a child. What is your favorite thing to do with pumpkins? Can't wait to hear all the pumpkin ideas!

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