Is Salvaging Holiday Items Worth It?


picture frame turned into a list

Taking Over With a Little Imagination

So much stuff accumulated, that when it comes time, you don't want to buy more. It's time to pick up the old and reuse for the new! First, when looking in your storage area, see if you have any old boards. Something thin and is small or can be broken into small parts. With a little chalkboard paint, you can turn this into ANYTHING that will match your décor. Like if it is relatively the size of your table, place it to honor the centerpieces and draw some leaves for fall. Hang up another on the wall and create a shopping list that the whole family can take part in. The best part of this, it doesn't mean if that board was previously painted for Easter or Christmas. Now, it has multiple uses. Can you think of any salvaging holiday items ideas? We would love to hear them!

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