Home Dumbwaiters



Cynergy Lifts offers multiple sizes and weight offerings for the home. Just call us and we can discuss your needs. We offer two containers that are 24” High x 16” Wide x 13” Deep and 24” High x 16” Wide x 21” Deep and built of 18 gauge powder coated gray steel. Our other residential units the 24” x 24” x 24”, model 2430 and model 3030 are built of the finest cabinet grade birch plywood and include side guides. We can offer and adapt any of our commercial dumbwaiter lifts for your home needs as well.


Cynergy Lifts sells twelve standard electric dumbwaiters that are perfect for residential use. Dumbwaiter elevator lift container sizes 16×13 and 16×21 are manufactured in 18 gauge grey powder coated steel at 24 inch height.

Corner Dumbwaiter

A corner dumbwaiter lift can save space and be a valuable asset to any home or business. Our unique corner designed unit can be utilized in most any setting, and we can custom finish the doors to match other woodwork.

Custom Dumbwaiter

Cynergy Lifts has a complete variety of sizes and styles of custom lift containers and dumbwaiters available in cabinet grade birch, powder coated steel, stainless steel, and we can even custom build birch units with a stainless steel foil lining.

Home Dumbwaiter Installation

Storage Just Became A Cinch!

The difference is there, or rather it could be. How many times are you going to look at those piles and get exhausted? That’s all it takes right, one look? There are many out there that can fit this scenario. As we are busy and constantly on the move, we pile things and then forget to deal with them later. That small problem, then becomes a big one as the pile gets bigger and soon moves into two piles.

There’s no good answer as to HOW you acquired all that extra stuff, but there is an answer to the overbearing piles.

Home Dumbwaiters

Better Storage.

That’s it, that is your answer. As ridiculous as it sounds, you can have more storage in the right places.

Some items are too heave to carry up and down stairs, sometimes there is just too many trips to make. Whatever the case may be, we easily get discouraged from using the attic, lower garage or basement as a means of storage.

Purchasing a dumbwaiter or lift will help alleviate any fears associated with using those areas for storage. How can they do this? Well, much like taking the elevator is better for a bad knee. You don’t have to carry any of the heavy boxes up or down the flights of stairs! That’s good news, right?

Some of the smaller dumbwaiters can even hold up to 100 pounds! For something only 24 inches high and 16 inches in width, that’s considerable.

Oh, and before you get the idea that these are like the older versions that were a physical pulley system, don’t worry. The dumbwaiter systems these days are electric, for the convenience of the consumer. An electric system allows the lift to carry more than what you could pull with your brute strength. Not to mention the fact that it works faster than the older versions.
Corner Dumbwaiter In Kitchen
No, a dumbwaiter will not remove the piles by itself. But, once you have the unit installed, you can slowly begin to clean everything up. With even the smaller units holding up to 100 pounds, it’s not difficult to imagine how much you can stuff in there! After stuffing, push the button. When the dumbwaiter has reached its destination, you can either leave it there or go unload it right away.

What you do with it after it’s out of sight, is completely up to you. You can continue working the organization and set everything up nice and neat OR you can place it back into general piles. The important thing, is the piles are no longer taking up your living space!

Walking into your house now gives off a brand new feeling. Almost like you just purchase the house! There is much more space and you don’t have to worry about coming in at night and tripping on something because of the acquired stuff.

That will be a feeling you never want to forget! Have some friends over, see what they think of the newfound area…