Versalift Model 32

Model 32 Versalift Attic Lift

Model 32 Versalift

35 cubic foot raise platform capability
250 lb. Lifting capacity
30.5" x 58. 5" framed opening calls for 60" headroom top x 68.5" length for motor head
28.75"W x 56”L x 52.5”H” lifting platform size
Model 32 is available in a 60” high unit but can be modified and cut down at additional cost.
CONTROLLER OPTIONS:  Corded / 2 Switches / Wireless

POWER and CAPACITY: Versalift™ is a very powerful electric powered lift that makes use of a specially designed milled and grooved shaft powered by a 110v / 5 amp motor to lift your valuables, decorations and important documents, pictures, antiques and things you want to keep into the attic, basement or spare room of the home.  Versalift has also been used to transport goods to upper decks in vacation homes, elevated homes on the seashore, and basement access for things like firewood.  Versalift works great for lifting ice chests, groceries, and seasonal clothing as well.

LIFTING ABILITY:  The Model 32 Versalift can lift up to 250 lbs. up to 20’.

CONVENIENCE: Having your valuables at the touch of a button is not only convenient, but saves you money over a monthly storage facility, and is more secure from floods and thieves. 

ENGINEERED to LAST:  The Versalift is designed to Auto-Stop the second it reaches the top of the attic decking floor.  There are four springs in the legs of the carrier that stretch up to 24” so you don’t have to worry about adjusting anything.  And when the carrier arrives at the garage floor landing, it auto stops with a specially designed limit switch that makes certain the lift cable stays where it belongs on the cable drum insuring years of reliability and use. 

WARRANTY:  The Versalift carries the industry’s best 3 year warranty and a 2 year extended warranty may be obtained.  Versalifts have been manufactured longer than any other lift available as well.