The Perfect Housewarming Gift


Get a custom dumbwaiter.[/caption] Your friends just bought a house and it’s exciting for you and them. You have owned a home for a while and helped them pick out the one house they can have for years. It’s a big decision and that’s why they consulted you. Already having bought, you knew what roads to take and what they could look for. Now, you’re helping them put everything together and prepare for the housewarming party. It’s important to get them something that will be meaningful and they can use for many years. There are several items around your house that have helped you, so why not pass that along? What about something you may not have, but looks like a good fit? What would you have liked to get for your home? Being close friends, you do have a lot in common with each other. Have you ever seen a dumbwaiter? Would they enjoy a gift to make their household chores easier? Or maybe it should be, who wouldn’t enjoy a gift like that? These dumbwaiters are small elevators made specifically for the house. They can help with laundry or storage. Any home with multiple floors will benefit from this. In fact, the more family members in the house, the more beneficial it is. The larger the family, the larger amount of chores and grocery shopping that has to be done. Now, you might not be able to just purchase one of these and get it put in. At least, not without the help of the homeowner (contractors will need their signatures). You will need their permission and will need to know where they would like the dumbwaiter to go. But, you can get the certificate to the company. Or simply sit down with them and go through the options. There will be certain decisions they have to make. For example, they have to decide if they want a custom made unit or if they would like the standard issue. They need to say, “I would like it in this corner of the kitchen,” or maybe it would be better in the hallway to help with the laundry. One of the best aspects of this gift, is the longevity. Dumbwaiters are constructed to last years and years. With proper use, the dumbwaiter could outlast the home owner! There are very few housewarming gifts that can achieve that level of excellency. Sure you could go from something a little cheaper. But, those items won’t last as long or have as many benefits as the dumbwaiter will! You might even be able to get several people to go in together on this plan. That will make the cost cheaper and the rewards greater! Who knows, after going through it all for a friend, you might just get one for your home. It would be nice for your load to be lighter too. When looking for an unconventional gift, this one will get you far!!

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