Give Yourself More Room to Remodel


Did you ever think the remodel could be so complicated? You have supplies all over, extra boxes in your way and just about everything is going wrong. You could have foreseen this because there isn’t a lot of space to begin with, but you didn’t think you would get stuck. The time has come for you to realize that not everything can be done without some assistance. It doesn’t have to be assistance from a contractor, just something to help you clean the mess. The worst thing you could do, scoot everything into another room without a hint of what to do with it. The whole point of remodeling was to eliminate the stock pile. Some days, it just looks like you are adding. What you need is a good setup and area for the storage of excess materials. It’s not like you want to get rid of extra equipment, just need it moved to another destination. The problem, your stored property is sitting in the space that you would use of the equipment. Getting rid of those  items may seem relentless, but it will help in the long run. The perfect place to store them, besides your house, the attic. It is about the same size as your house and is completely out of the work area. So, cleaning out the attic and arranging items so that they can be easily found, will help. Since you have nothing in the attic, a simple inspection will be necessary. Make sure there is some ventilation and that the floor is sturdy throughout. If you can, try to look for any holes in the attic. If bugs or insects are an issue, buy a bug bomb and get the attic cleaned. Properly organizing the attic and the workspace requires some help getting everything in the right place. An attic lift will be the tool you should look for. Attic lifts were designed to make organization easier on those with an attic. Other than the bug issue, the common problem with attic is the entrance. It is either too steep or not sturdy enough to handle the job. These lifts take the exhaustion factor out by moving the loads for you. In the attic you will be able to slide what you need off the lift and into a designated area. All of your extra boxes taking up space in your home can easily be loaded and removed. This will leave you the ideal room to finally finish that remodel. You won’t have to sit and wonder where you last laid that screwdriver or whether the nails are still in that bucket instead of on the floor. With the clutter removed, the workstation becomes clear and the job can be done. When you have never gotten into a project like this before, it can feel like you are walking blindly. With a bunch of items in your way, you possibly are. Don’t get stuck like that. Secure your belongings and open up the floor plan all at the same time!

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