Attics Beware! It’s Time to Evolve


Since you have never used the attic, it’s going to be loaded with bugs and insects. It will be dark and filled with dust. Who knows what you might find in there! The attic may have seemed just a ‘content’ subject before, it’s time for it to become something. A masterpiece of organization and skill, to be used in the present and future. Everything is futuristic in purpose, these days. What’s going to be the biggest change in the floor plan? It’s not going to be the clean-up, or the new insulation. Not even be the overall placement of items. It is going to be the storage methods and the tools used to attain the perfect atmosphere! The tools will range from the basic flathead to large equipment, but they will be key. Tools Lifts – Start investigating the attic lifts. These babies will be the best tool and investment for the attic. It will take care of lifting up to 250 lbs in a single load! That will amount to a lot of trips you DON’T have to make. Even if you think about trips in general, the 1 trip to take things off the lift is better than the 3 you would be making with items in your hands. Simple mathematics are in play with this device. Shelving Units – Even in basic organization, a shelf is important. Having one means that you can place a few items out of the way on the wall. But, having more gives more leniency as to what goes where. It’s important to know what you have and what you would like to put in places. Some interesting ideas come from old, unused items. Have a toy box that is no longer used? Try putting it in the attic and placing some of the old memorabilia within it. One of the favorites, taking old bookshelves or dressers and turning them into something useful. You can add a few compartments and use it to hold Halloween decorations. Since we did mention the basic tools, those are as important. When you start changing the attic, you need to know every step. Any time you just go ‘by the seat of your pants,’ it becomes very easy to get stuck. Getting stuck gets you nowhere. So, a good idea is to have all the tools you will need and any you might need in a toolbox with you. It could be a small carry toolbox, or you can drag all your tools with you. As long as you have the ones to finish the project, you will be good. You can dream about transforming anything, but can you visualize the change? Visualization will be the key because without a good view of what you want this new space to be, it won’t happen like you want. Don’t rush, take the time to put the plan into action. Only then will you have the full attic evolution!

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