An Organizing Tip To Not Forget


It Never Fails, Something Will Interrupt

interruption carton   The above is true, especially when you have something important on your mind. For instance, when you are organizing. You could be organizing the silverware and something would still interrupt you. So, what's a good way to keep moving without feeling any pressure? For me, the answer is pretty difficult, because I can find an excuse for just about anything. Here's your organizing tip: Don't move things, get rid of them! Sometimes, we think that we will read that book again. In reality, we know it will never happen. Maybe you have quite a few boxes of stuff from the golden years and it's hard to get rid of. I bet, after really looking through it, you will be able to let some of it go and keep only a few pieces. It's important because otherwise, useless stuff builds up without warning. By then, interruptions will never cease because it will take even longer to sort through it...

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