Adding Hooks in the Home


Making The Home More Useable

numbered coat hooks  Often, we come in from the cold air, walk into the living room and start stacking things on the couches. Not the best way to organize our jackets or bags and lacks any usability. What can I do about it?  Well, I've decided to take a look at using more hooks in the home. It's relatively simple. Walking into a home décor store, I have found many pictures and hangings with hooks on them. Enough for each and every room in the house. But, since I know we rarely stand in front of the door to remove coats, I'm going to find a place nearer to the living room as a desirable place. I have also found, that if it's a safe area with little traffic, I could use regular nails to act like hooks as well. Unfortunately, they don't match my décor very well.

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