Controlling the Attic with a Lift

attic organization

The attic has never looked cleaner. Probably because this is the first time you guys had entered it since you bought the house. Initially, it was just another space on the house that didn’t get used. Time passed and it was covered with webs and different bugs and then finally the roof was leaking. Since that effects the overall function and health of the home, you had to get it fixed. That process included debugging and cleaning the attic. Now, since seeing is believing, did you know there was so much room up there?

With all that extra room, you can easily picture using the attic for another purpose. Like storing things in the basement in the attic and turning the basement into a family room. This is a great idea! But, how are you going to get it all together and keep the initial intentions?

By following these tips:

* Ventilation. Make sure that everything is well ventilated. No need to have everything moldy because there wasn’t a proper ventilation method. This will also help keep the heat at a decent level so things are being destroyed during the hot summer.
* Shelves. Using your walls in the attic is as important as using them on the house. You can create bookshelves for interesting albums you want to keep sacred or actual books. Of course, book shelves can also have added value because about anything can sit on them. This will open up the floor for more walking space.
* Designate homes: This is important. Think of it like your kitchen. Each of your cabinets have a certain purpose to fulfill. All the glasses are in one and plates in another. Without that organization, you would spend lots of time looking for things instead of being productive. The same goes for the attic. Storing boxes in there doesn’t mean you don’t have to organize. It will streamline the process if you take that little bit of extra effort.
* Attic Lift: This is actually a machine that you will want dearly in your home. You see, as you are climbing that steep ladder to get in the attic, you are straining certain body parts. Those body parts will be under duress if you attempt to carry heavy boxes up there. Installing an attic lift will eliminate you of those pains. The belongings will still make it to the attic at your bequest.

In order to truly use the attic to a functional level, you need a few appliances. Again, like the kitchen, you would have problems cooking without a stove. That would largely defeat the purpose of having a kitchen. So, don’t defeat yourself by trying to use the attic without the proper machines. It’s simply an accident waiting to happen.

Oh, the lift is easy to install and control. All you do is push a button on the wall or on a remote, and it’s done.

With these small tips, you will take your attic from drab to fab in no time at all!

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