Adding Function without Losing Space

Each remodel in the house has a purpose of adding some sort of additional function. If you want a bigger master bathroom, you might have to lose some of the walk-in closet. Remodeling usually requires some give and take. Building your own house gives you ample space to do what you want, but few have that option. Usually it’s changing the room to make it bigger or more functional. When you have to give up other items in order to do this, it can become annoying to finish at all.

One of the many items on the list of common remodels, the kitchen. Sometimes the kitchen is too separated and people want it to open up. Older kitchens often lack the storage space we prefer, thus we work to increase this. The pantry is normally a cause for concern because there isn’t much room to actually store anything. Leaving you to simply use your cabinets to place the stocked food.

Kitchen cabinets can be put to better use than storing lots of food. They could hold the blender or toaster that is now taking up your counter space. It would be nice to get that cleared up. Beginning to rethink the possibility of remodeling the kitchen? Well, what if you could get the remodel without sacrificing other household space?

Since you have cabinet space that isn’t used for something good anyways, why not open up a space in the corner? This area would be perfect to put a dumbwaiter that reaches to the basement. Installing a few shelves down there, will greatly increase your storage space. Putting in the dumbwaiter will not only give you more abilities, it will open your basement up to more possibilities.

All you need is a corner cabinet and around 24”for width, length and height. You can have a larger space as well. Corner dumbwaiters are better to place in kitchens because the corner space is already awkward. There isn’t much that you can actually do here, so adding a dumbwaiter will give you more functionality. Now, you don’t have to worry about taking square footage away from other rooms.

You can keep the small pantry to put kids’ snacks or more commonly used items. Use the new shelves in the basement pantry for items you keep on stock. For instance, vegetables. Every household has a variety of vegetables; fresh, frozen and canned. The canned items will store nicely out of the way.

So, now with the remodel of the kitchen, you have increased your storage space and allowed for your counter to be clear. For every cabinet now empty of food, anything else will fit perfectly in there. Installing a dumbwaiter will also help you take care of the larger meals. Usually, you only need one crockpot, except when family is around. Then you need several. Take care of everything by storing extras in the basement and bringing them up via dumbwaiter.

All your kitchen functionality issues have been solved by one machine.

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