Business Lifts

The Versalift Attic Lift has proven to be much more than just a Home Attic Lift, businesses all over the U.S., Canada, and Australia have experienced the durability of a Versalift Attic Lift.  Saving employees well being and safety is paramount to most businesses and using a lift to get things from one floor to the other just makes sense. We have auto parts distributors that use the lift to hoist parts, tires, and hardware to a 2nd floor mezzanine, law firms and accounting firms that use the lift to store file boxes upstairs, and lots of churches and non profits save wear and tear on volunteers by using these great lifts.  With the cost of workman’s comp these days and the cost involved with the  loss of injured employees, installing a lift is a great way to help.  And many businesses have found that by adding storage space upstairs, they save on rent and have inventory on hand when needed.

Here are a few of the businesses using a Versalift to help their employees improve productivity while adding safety.

Dumbwaiter Dumbwaiter

Farm Implement Co. | Illinois

Industrial Supply | Ohio

Veterinary Supply | Connecticut

Honda Car Dealer | Pennsylvania

Dry Cleaners | North Carolina

Liquor Store | Oklahoma


Methodist Church | Washington

Food Pantry | Maine

Law Firm | Texas

Accounting Firm | Florida

Boat Manufacturer | Florida

Auto Manufacturer | Michigan

Historical Society | South Dakota