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Versa Lift


Versalifts Storage of valuables
Easy for seasonal and holiday decorations
Simple enough to operate
Can hold 200-250Lbs.
Handyman can install
Lower in summer to allow heat to escape
Safer than pushing boxes up attic ladder
Affordable for anyone

Starting at $2,597.00

Pricing for all units

Versalift Documentation


Also, a Versalift will also help lower those monthly bills, because you will no longer need a storage unit. Versa Lift will turn your previously unused attic into your personal storage. In these times, wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of one more bill? Plus, you won’t have to drive anywhere to be able to attain your belongings. With Versa Lift, you can pull your items in and out of ‘storage’ any time you want without having to clutter up your house! (Psst, this also means no more debating over a unit that doesn’t have the right temperature or it being in a bad area!)

It’s the end of the season and you really don’t want to make the trek up that creaky ladder because of the possible injury you could incur. Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore when using a Versalift Attic Lift! After loading your items onto the lift, simply press a button on the hand-held device and be done! If any children are of concern, you can easily remove the key on the remote to lock it, thus ensuring children can’t play with it.

Installation of the Versa Lift will resemble that of your attic ladder, it will start with a framed opening in the ceiling. As the lift is not in operation in the ceiling, your opening will be securely closed. Don’t worry about the type of house you have either, the Versa Lift will fit into stilt-homes, covered decks, basements and split-levels! These are just some of the many reasons of why you should put this addition in your home!

Once you have acquired this, household organization will never be the same! Changing your mind on the décor will be simple instead of a daunting task. Not sure you could get much use out of the lift with the minimal junk you have sitting around? Well, that’s not all that could be stored. Maybe you have too many tools or too much equipment in your garage that doesn’t get used that often. This would allow you to have more freedom to move without having to wonder where you stashed everything! When you’re ready to use them, just press the button.

We take enough unknowing risks every day, we don’t need to have them because we want less clutter throughout the house. If you need a new place to put ANY one of the following belongings, the Versa Lift will be right there to help!

Versalifts:The Alternative Dumbwaiter

Versalift We have had a number of people use the VersaLift Attic Lift as an alternative to a dumbwaiter for a number of reason, budget jsut being one of them. This just shows some creative ways to use a Versalift in your home. Or you can simply use it as intended…as an open Attic/2nd story lift…

There are a couple of ways to do the Versalift, both with and without a shaftway to protect the carrier. Here are some ideas our readers have come up with.

Patio Furniture Cushions – Lawn Tools – Garden Hoses – Holiday Lights, Decorations & Yard Art – Off-season Clothing – Tents – Ice Chests – Luggage – Sleeping Bags – Hobby & Craft Supplies – Sports Equipment – Bulky Power Tools – Shop Vacuums – Storage Totes & Boxes – Tax Records – Books – Games – And The List Never Ends!