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Commercial and Restaurant Dumbwaiter


Our commercial lifts are available for applications in cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, office buildings and residential use.  We offer a large selection of sizes to meet your needs and can replace older manual lifts in certain applications. 
Commercial and Restaurant Dumbwaiters:

A commercial dumbwaiter can increase productivity and reduce back and knee injuries in the workplace as well as increase productivity.  Our commercial lifts are available in single side openings in 5 sizes.  These include stainless steel brackets and stainless steel foil lining.  Our sizes are built to commercial restaurant specs and can accommodate 18x26 and 13x18 aluminum food trays.  Vinyl opening covers are included.  Our units also have fire rated doors with all systems for commercial settings. Our interior surfaces are lined with a food grade 304 annealed stainless steel sheet and with food grade 304 stainless steel shelf slides and 316 stainless steel hardware.  Exterior Doors are fire rated for 90 min.   All rollers are made of durable nylon for quiet long lasting operation.

Postal Lifts

Cynergy Lifts has a smaller lift for use in multiple story residences, office buildings, condos, and multistory office buildings for mail and small package delivery.  You can stack these units and mount them on the interior or exterior of most buildings.  Take a look at the sizes and prices below for more details.  These also work really well for small spaces in homes or commercial applications.

Mezzanine Lifts

Cynergy Lifts has available pre-assembled two story electric mezzanine lifts, also known as dumb waiters, in two standard sizes. These unique elevators / lifts are available as shown pre-wired and completely finished on the outside.

Commercial and Restaurant Dumbwaiter 

Have you thought about having a commercial dumbwaiter installed at your place of business?  It is fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.  Whether you are moving food, files, boxes, heavy equipment or other materials…you can transport your items easily from one level to another with ease, less time, and with the “click” of a button!  


Having a dumbwaiter in your place of business not only saves you time, but it can decrease the amount of injuries to your employees, especially their backs and knees.  Production is faster because of the ease in transporting items from one level to the next.  We can customize your dumbwaiter to various access openings, sizes, and finishes according to your style and serving needs.  

If you want to slide items from the compartment directly to the counter top, it is easier with a counter-loading model. For heavier items that you may wish to unload from one level to the next, using a floor-loading model is best.  Each floor can have the style of load you need to make it easiest and most efficient, and can be installed according to your specific needs.  

Our commercial dumbwaiter lifts are available in Cabinet Grade Birch, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, and Cabinet Grade Birch with Stainless Steel Foil Lined Interior.  Due to the large variety of buildings we serve, we provide many sizes and in some situations can replace your old manual versions. 

When it comes to transporting goods and items, there are specific reasons for choosing a customized dumbwaiter finish. For instance, if you are going to be using the dumbwaiter to transport food, you must have a solid stainless steel carrier or a cabinet grade birch carrier with stainless foil liner.  The food grade stainless foil liner costs less than a solid stainless steel unit and will pass the local health department code for safety and health standards. 

Cabinet grade birch is generally used to transport dry goods and supplies. Cooked food is not recommended in this type of dumbwaiter.  

Powder coated steel is mainly used for transporting cases of goods, beer kegs, parts, manufactured goods and etc. Powder coated steel is also recommended to transport cooked or prepared food.  The powder coating contains no solvents and releases little or no amount of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.  This is in compliance with the environmental protection agency. 

Solid stainless steel dumbwaiters are the most popular commercial dumbwaiter for transporting your goods because they satisfy the local health department regulations for all safety and health standards.

Our commercial dumbwaiter lifts are equipped with fire rated doors. They have been fire rated for 90 minutes on the exterior doors and the rollers have been made of durable nylon that provides a long lasting operation.

If you are in the market for a time-saving piece of equipment that helps reduce the workload involved in transporting food, laundry, dry goods, boxes, etc. in the workplace, a commercial dumbwaiter might be a sensible solution to your problem.  

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